Making Addiction Treatment in Indianapolis, IN More Realistic

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Drug and alcohol abuse has become increasingly common in society.

In 2021, National Institute on Drug Abuse reported 100,000 substance-related deaths. This is the highest fatality rate recorded in the history of the United States, and the number is expected to increase every month. Recent data shows that merely 13% of people with a substance use disorder receive any professional treatment. In comparison, only 11% of opioid users receive one out of three effective medications to help recover. This is a crisis for the entire country, and there is a need to implement a more realistic and pragmatic system for addiction treatment. 

Reasons Why Addicts Don’t Seek Help

Making Addiction Treatment in Indianapolis, IN More RealisticNational Survey on Drug Use and Health 2016 reports that most substance users do not believe they require treatment despite being aware of its negative consequences. Out of the 17.7 million American adults who required help but didn’t receive it, 16.9 million said they didn’t need it. The rest believed they needed treatment but did nothing to get it. Many reasons can explain this hesitance among addicts. 

Addiction Treatment in Indianapolis, IN, is too Expensive.

Addiction treatment in Indianapolis, IN, is by no means cheap, but its cost has become less of a barrier in recent years. Most insurance plans cover some part of the treatment, and many programs accept different types of insurance. Medicare and Medicaid programs are also designed to help the public have greater access to treatments. However, people who do not have insurance will find addiction treatment very expensive, which can limit them from seeking treatment altogether. Approximately 40% of the drug users avoided treatment due lack of insurance coverage.

People Don’t Have Enough Information

The number of addiction treatment options available in Indianapolis, IN, for addiction treatment can be quite overwhelming. Hundreds of addiction recovery centers offer different programs comprising different tools and techniques. A person not very educated about their body needs will give up. When in doubt, it is always best to get a recommendation from your doctor or a local health center. Narrowing down your options to those near your residence and accepting your insurance will make it much easier to pick the right program.

There is a Stigma Attached to Seeking Addiction Treatment in Indianapolis, IN

Many people, from teenage students to professional adults, sometimes avoid getting treated due to fear of judgment. Addiction undoubtedly comes with a stigma and is generally an uncomfortable topic to discuss. For this reason, people who use substances do not want to stand out but rather fit in as they fear punishment from those around them. This negative connotation attached to getting addiction treatment prevents around 10% from making a full recovery.

Fear of Missing Out 

Lastly, people are usually afraid to take leave from their work, school, or other familiar responsibilities to pursue addiction treatment. They worry that a long hiatus will impact their work or academic performance and have long-term consequences. For example, a company employee might delay their treatment in hopes of a promotion. Missing out on their normal life is one of the reasons why people shy away from undergoing intensive care.

How to Make Addiction Treatment More Realistic And Pragmatic?

Here are some ways to make the treatment more realistic.

Residential Care

An Addiction treatment in Indianapolis, IN, system that is more realistic and pragmatic involves residential care without intricate authorization processes, complex paperwork, and other types of delays. For instance, a teenager should attend a high school designed to provide a safe and recovery-centered environment that also focuses on both the recreational and social needs of the youth. This could motivate many youngsters and their parents to send them to addiction treatment without compromising their academics. When in college, drug users should be able to benefit from a collegiate recovery program, which is dedicated to providing support in the larger academic society.

Insurance Coverage

Another way to make addiction treatment more realistic and accessible is through insurance coverage. For instance, the 90-day treatment program for adults should be the minimum standard covered by insurance companies in all cities. This coverage should also include family recovery services. The treatment program should address the patient’s co-occurring psychiatric, medical, and social needs in a holistic manner. Making Addiction Treatment in Indianapolis, IN More Realistic

In case of a relapse, more comprehensive services should be given without any arbitrary restrictions from insurers. Moreover, patients in their initial stages of recovery must have active recovery resources, such as peer support groups and recreational and volunteering opportunities. Once the patient recovers to a certain extent, they should be given a yearly follow-up for a minimum of 5 years to ensure a stable recovery. 

Addiction is a serious disease that incurs serious costs for not only the addict and their family, and the entire nation. As per the US Surgeon General, the cost of not helping addicts is much more than helping them. The cost also includes lost productivity and other substance abuse-related costs associated with health care, criminal justice, and other human service systems.

Around 40% of addicts also suffer from mental health troubles, yet less than half receive treatment for either disease. Bridging this treatment gap and spending money on helping people recover can save precious lives and financial resources. Unfortunately, even when addicts try to receive substance abuse treatment, they are often obstructed by significant entry barriers, such as complex insurance requirements, high out-of-pocket expenses, and a lack of information about the right program. This status quo prevails despite evidence of its ineffectiveness. 


More awareness is needed regarding this sensitive topic, and there is a dire need for the government and the private sector to allocate their financial resources to make addiction treatment more accessible, affordable, and realistic. 

Get Addiction Treatment in Indiana Today!

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