5 Ways Rehab Can Help you with Addiction in Indianapolis, IN

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Drug addiction, also referred to as substance use disorder, is a severe mental health condition. This addiction involves the compulsive use of drugs despite their adverse effects on the mind and body. Substance abuse’s impact is not limited to the primary consumer but extends to family members, spouses, close friends, and other loved ones. 

Symptoms of Drug Addiction to Look Out For

If you notice one or more of the following symptoms of substance abuse in your loved one, placing them in the right addiction recovery program is best.

  • Feeling a strong urge to consume drugs regularly – once or multiple times per day.
  • Requiring larger quantities of the same drug than before to experience the same results
  • Consuming large quantities of the drug for longer periods than anticipated
  • Always having a constant supply of drugs on hand for consumption.
  • Avoiding personal and work responsibilities or flaking out on recreational or social activities due to drug addiction
  • Continued use of drugs, regardless of their negative consequences on the mind and body.
  • Doing unusual things to acquire drugs, such as stealing money from family members or lying about where they spend their time. 
  • Making risky and impulsive decisions under the substance’s influence, such as driving while high, using dangerous electrical equipment, etc. 
  • Spending most of their time acquiring, consuming, and recovering from the effects of the drug
  • Failing to stop consuming or limiting the use of the drug.
  • Experiencing significant withdrawal symptoms, such as blackouts, seizures, high blood pressure, hallucinations, and nausea.
  • Not caring about their physical appearance, personal hygiene, and grooming. 
  • Always asking for extra money from friends and family members to fund their drug purchases.
  • Troubling behavior, including social isolation, being extra secretive about their actions and limiting interaction with loved ones.
  • Undergoing sudden physical changes, such as weight fluctuations, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, dull skin, etc.

Rehab for Drug Addiction Treatment in Indianapolis, IN

5 Ways Rehab Can Help you with Addiction in Indianapolis, INAdmitting to your loved one that they have a substance abuse problem can be intimidating. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure their long-term health, happiness, and safety. Recovering from substance abuse is a long-term process that calls for continued self-discipline and readiness to change combined with professional support. 

It is crucial to enroll them in a drug and alcohol rehab program in Indianapolis, IN, that will use customized tools and techniques to help them overcome addiction. You have to ensure that your loved one recovers in a safe and comfortable environment. Moreover, rehab can help rebuild your relationship with them and help them become a valuable member of society. 

5 Ways Rehab Can Help your Family Member with Addiction in Indianapolis

Even though sending your family member away to a drug and alcohol rehab facility in Indianapolis, IN, can seem daunting, it can prove to be the best decision in their favor. Here are 5 ways the right rehabilitation program can help your loved one recover from substance use disorder. 

  • Detoxify the Body and Break Substance Dependence at an Indianapolis Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When a person struggles with substance use disorder, their primary focus is how to consume more of it to maintain homeostasis. The first-way rehab helps the patient begin their treatment is by ridding their body of all the toxins they once consumed.

In cases of moderate to severe addiction, the doctors suggest drug and alcohol detox in Indianapolis, IN, in a controlled environment to prevent any dangers of withdrawal symptoms. Therapy and counseling are also used to counteract compulsive drug cravings and address any associated risks. Another aspect of drug rehabilitation is that it helps patients break the vicious cycle of dependence. An addict always worries about having a sufficient supply of drugs available, which takes their mind off of more important things. Rehab can help them regain control of their life by pushing them towards healthier habits and lifestyle changes. 

  • Provide Education and Help Understand Addiction 

Besides the euphoric feelings induced by the drugs, addicts have no idea how badly their addiction affects them and their loved ones. Continued substance abuse can significantly rewire the brain, making them indifferent to its negative effects. 

Part of drug rehab in Indiana is about educating patients about this compulsive behavior, the changes it makes to the brain, and how they can control it. Education is key to successful treatment as it encourages the patient to cooperate. The education techniques will vary depending on your chosen facility and rehab program.

  • Strengthen Broken Relationships

Addiction can have many spillover effects in relationships, especially broken trust, anger, guilt, or hatred. Rebuilding damaged relationships is one of the main parts of recovery as it provides closure to the patient and their family members so that self-healing can properly begin. Drug rehab employs different tools and techniques, such as couples and family therapy, to help loved ones better understand addiction and teach them new ways to strengthen their broken relationship. 

  • Offer Care through Counseling and Therapy 

Counseling and therapy can help uncover underlying causes of addiction and also help diagnose the patient with other co-occurring mental health issues. A typical rehab program will also help your family member deal with their addiction-related mental health problems, allowing them to identify any triggers and remove them from their root. 

  • Lays Down a Long-term Foundation 

5 Ways Rehab Can Help you with Addiction in Indianapolis, INAddiction recovery is a lifelong process that can quickly fall apart without the right direction and foundation. Rehab offers valuable tools and resources to help the patient stay sober and clean. These include building healthy habits, setting personal boundaries, and continuing aftercare once the program has concluded. 

Many addiction treatment programs in Indiana have a recovery-centered system based on 12-step facilitation. Once treatment is finished, follow-up and community involvement become key measures of sustainable sobriety. 

Start your Loved One’s Addiction Recovery Today!

If you are looking for comprehensive drug rehab programs in Indiana that closely fit the needs of your loved one, Addiction Rehab Centers can help. Our center features licensed counselors who use state-of-the-art techniques to assess the current needs of all our patients and draft a treatment plan accordingly. Contact our experts today for more information regarding different programs.

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