What Is The Importance Of Accommodation In Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The quality of the treatment for substance use disorders (SUDs) depends on several factors. Besides a well-structured program, quality of accommodation also plays an important role. Unfortunately, accommodation in drug and alcohol rehab isn’t a widely discussed subject. But, it matters a lot! Scroll down to learn more about the importance of accommodation and why you need to consider it before you choose the right rehab center for you or someone else.

Benefits Of Accommodation In Drug And Alcohol Rehab

At first glance, it may seem like accommodation is irrelevant to the quality of care in drug and alcohol rehab centers. When choosing the rehab for oneself or a loved one, people focus on the program primarily and what it offers. While a well-structured, customized program is crucial, it’s also important to consider accommodation at a specific center.

How does accommodation support the inpatient program for SUDs? Here are the most significant benefits:

Calming Environment

Drug and alcohol rehab with a visually appealing and calming environment helps improve a patient’s mental health and wellbeing. This is particularly important if we bear in mind stress is a major risk factor for addiction. Plus, stress and other psychological factors can worsen symptoms of SUD. When left unresolved, stress can increase the risk of relapse. Accommodation with a relaxing setting aids in stress management and generates positive feelings and emotions, thus supporting a patient’s recovery.

Increased Motivation

The setting is the service, which is why evidence confirms that the rehab center itself plays an important role in recovery from substance abuse. Good accommodation motivates a patient to actively participate in the treatment in order to recover from their alcohol or drug addiction.
Accommodation is more than just a place to sleep, it also comes with various services and amenities that keep a patient engaged and motivated, all of which are important for achieving sobriety. By keeping patients motivated, quality accommodation reduces the drop-out rate. The biggest reason people drop out of treatment is withdrawal syndrome including strong cravings. Thanks to access to various services and amenities, patients experience significant motivation boost to overcome these challenges.

Sense Of Community

Inpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction includes regular group therapy sessions. People who share similar problems get to spend time together, share their experiences, and offer and receive support. Accommodation in rehab builds a sense of community where every member feels valued and appreciated. This supports their mental health and aids the recovery process but also improves social interaction and communication skills.

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Nurturing Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Rehab centers do more than help people recover from alcohol or drug addiction. The treatment is not just about helping them quit; it’s about preventing relapse and improving a person’s quality of life. Accommodation in rehab centers promotes healthy lifestyle habits such as a well-balanced diet, regular physical activity, getting enough sleep, and stress management, just to name a few. Persons with SUD get to adopt these healthy habits and implement them in their lifestyle even when their treatment is over.

In other words, accommodation is important because it promotes mental health and wellbeing, but also allows persons with SUDs to focus on their bodies, personal development, social skills, and quality of life.

How Does Accommodation Help?

Accommodation in drug and alcohol addiction treatment helps because patients get easy access to everything they need during the recovery process. High-quality accommodations have a high ratio of staff to clients, meaning patients receive medical and professional assistance quickly. Spending time in rehab with excellent accommodation may also include desirable locations. Many rehabs are located in peaceful areas with beautiful landscapes. The accommodation itself tends to be spacious and abundant in services or amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, lounges, yoga classes, and specialized services. The main premise here is that a relaxed body translates to a relaxed, healthier mind.


The importance of accommodation in drug and alcohol addiction treatmentis usually overlooked, but it’s time to change that. You need to consider accommodation because it’s involved in stress management, motivation, and lifestyle habits. Choose wisely and opt for a rehab center that offers plenty of services and amenities that support your (or a loved one’s) recovery.