What To Expect From Accommodation In Different Types Of Addiction Treatment Facilities

Accommodation in rehab centers should support the patient’s recovery process and help them adopt healthy lifestyle habits. For that reason, some basic amenities you can expect include clean and comfortable places, nutritious meals, a gym or other physical activity options, and supervision. Every accommodation is different, depending on the type of treatment facility. Below, you can learn what to expect from an accommodation in different kinds of rehab centers.

1. Low-Level Rehabs (Inexpensive, State-Funded, Or Free)

Publicly-funded detox facilities usually provide rehab services at inexpensive costs. Some of them provide their services for free.

Men and women with substance use disorders (SUDs) can also get access to inexpensive or free rehab services in community health clinics, correctional facilities, and nonprofit hospitals. Basically, if you have an alcohol or drug addiction, you can get access to free or affordable rehab services in specific places. That said, these places usually struggle financially.

Since they don’t have a huge budget, their accommodation is minimal. You can expect to find functional furniture, a basic room, and a board. Low-level treatment facilities can’t offer a wide range of services and amenities or spacious accommodation. The good news is that patients get access to 12-step program meetings onsite.

While these treatment facilities don’t provide the same accommodation options as other places on this list, they do valuable work by allowing people to get much-needed help.

2. Mid-Level Rehabs

Mid-level rehabs or treatment programs have better finances than their previous counterparts. For that reason, their accommodation is relatively better. You can expect a modestly decorated interior, including your room. In most cases, patients have one roommate. There are no private bathrooms in this type of accommodation, patients share, and they also have meals together in the dining area.

While mid-level treatment programs do provide housekeeping services, patients are expected to do chores. In fact, chores are a part of their recovery.

Additionally, accommodation in mid-level rehabs supports the more intensive level of care, individual therapy, detox, family therapy, couple’s or marriage counseling, life skills classes, and other services and amenities. Residents can pay for this accommodation via private payments or through public assistance and health insurance. Keep in mind that health insurance coverage varies from one provider to another. Some carriers cover complete costs while others pay a partial amount.

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3. High-Level Rehabs

You can expect accommodation in high-level rehabs to be quite impressive. Since these rehabs are usually private facilities or clinics that offer various inpatient and outpatient services, they focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle and both physical and mental health and wellbeing. Depending on the size of the accommodation, residents usually get private or shared spacious and comfortable bedrooms. Additionally, the accommodation also features a gym, meeting rooms, and other important amenities.

In most cases, residents eat meals that were carefully prepared by a chef.

These rehab centers provide more comprehensive treatment. They focus on life beyond the treatment program, which is why patients also receive education about proper nutrition, meal planning, and healthy habits they can adopt.

Covering the expenses of this elaborate accommodation depends on the facility. Some rehabs accept private payments only whereas others accept health insurance.

4. Luxury Rehabs

Accommodation in luxury rehab resembles that in expensive hotels or resorts in exotic places. Compared to other rehab facilities that focus on calming yet minimalistic approaches, luxury rehabs usually focus on interior décor and picture-perfect landscaping. Each resident can opt to share a room with someone or get a private room. This also affects the price. The costs of accommodation are lower for persons who share a bedroom.

Swimming pools, movie theaters, meditation areas, gyms, walking paths, ponds, and other amenities and services are easily available to residents in luxury rehabs. Patients eat gourmet meals that chefs prepare from organic and locally grown ingredients.