Addiction Rehab Therapies

Addiction Rehab Therapies

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Indiana

Substance use disorder (SUD), or addiction, is a complex mental health problem on its own, but especially in cases of dual diagnosis or the presence of other mental health disorders. While dual diagnosis treatment in Indiana is challenging, patients can receive effective treatment that improves their quality of life. Below, you can learn more about dual diagnosis and treatment options.

How To Help A High-Functioning Alcoholic

A high-functioning alcoholic is a type of alcoholic who works full time and maintains family life while struggling with alcohol use disorder (AUD). According to one survey of people with AUD, about 19.4% of them were high-functioning alcoholics. Although this kind of drinking problem is often glorified in movies and TV shows, high-functioning alcoholics are vulnerable. Below, you can learn more about how to help a high-functioning alcoholic.

Online Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Indianapolis, IN

Behavioral and substance addiction can have physical, mental, social, and financial impacts on an individual’s life. There are various effective treatments available for addiction, including online therapy. Studies show that people who engage in online counseling for alcohol addiction online treatment tend to show better improvements than those who don’t receive any treatment.

What To Expect In Drug Rehab

Drug rehab can be said to be the beginning of any meaningful and long-lasting recovery from addiction to substances. The abuse of various drugs or substances is a common occurrence these days. Drug abuse is a complex disorder that affects the body, the mind, and even the individual’s social life.