Online Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Indianapolis, IN

Behavioral and substance addiction can have physical, mental, social, and financial impacts on an individual’s life. There are various effective treatments available for addiction, including online therapy. Studies show that people who engage in online counseling for alcohol addiction online treatment tend to show better improvements than those who don’t receive any treatment.

Online counseling involves providing mental health support and services through the internet. These services can be offered through email, video conferencing, text messaging, and other methods. Based on discovered evidence, some counseling approaches are easier to adapt to an online format than others. Examples are:

Online Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Indianapolis, IN

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

A lot of people most often use cognitive-behavioral therapy. This method focuses on helping individuals identify and avoid negative thoughts and actions. CBT examines the link between the behavior of an individual and their cognition.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy systematically notes the thoughts, feelings, and events that trigger these thoughts and feelings in an individual.

Once the source of the addiction is identified, the effort can be made to change the process and thoughts that lead to the addiction. CBT is a counseling method that can be done easily online without going to a physical rehabilitation center.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing is another addiction counseling method that can be done easily over the internet. In this technique, therapists engage in structured conversations with addicts to help them recognise how their lives could be better if they stop their substance use or behavioral addiction.

Motivational Interviewing particularly works well on people who have mixed feelings about their addiction. This method is a unique way that empowers people to take responsibility for their recovery from addiction and can be easily done from the comfort of your home through the internet. Some major benefits that online alcohol counseling for addiction has over regular face to face therapy include.

Enhanced Privacy

Even till the present age, it is unfortunate that social stigmas surround addiction treatment. Many individuals worry about being recognised when leaving or entering a rehab center. As a result, they might not feel comfortable seeking help for their addiction from such addiction treatment centers.

Having the ability to access treatment even from the comfort of your home can help remove some of that fear away. Getting online counsel from your comfort zone helps to control the number of people who know about your addiction and will help to reduce the fear of getting further treatment if necessary.

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Better Accessibility

It is estimated that 10% to 12% of people with addiction problems do not receive treatment. One of the major reasons these people don’t receive treatment is their inability to access the needed help physically. Online counseling for addictions can help improve access to mental health services and ensure that some people get the needed treatment.

Online counseling can also happen anytime. So whenever there’s an urge to relapse, individuals can easily reach out to their therapist to get the needed support. Also, online addiction treatment can help those who cannot physically attend group meetings or individual treatments due to one reason or the other get help.

Regular addiction treatments tend to have a high dropout rate. This suggests that these traditional methods may not be completely addressing the needs of the individual. The use of online counseling can help to fill in the missing gaps for such people who do not stick with common treatment methods. Research shows that online therapy might help cut back on addictions right after treatment and in the long run. People undergoing online therapy treatment have a higher success rate and are less likely to drop out of their treatment than individuals treated with other methods.

Online addiction counseling can sometimes serve as the first step toward more intensive treatment. In some cases, individuals who try online counseling for addiction are more likely to seek out regular face to face treatment in the future. Also, the majority of people treating addiction are more likely to stick with face to face treatment methods when it is supported by online addiction rehab counseling. Online counseling for addiction is most effective as a support tool for face to face treatment, and it can be said that the two methods best go hand in hand.


Many websites and apps provide online counseling for addictions, letting you access therapy sessions anywhere with a stable internet connection. Online alcohol addiction counseling for addiction is confidential and designed to help all types of people. It provides support and assistance when you need it the most, and patients can also easily schedule their sessions in advance to fit their schedule.


Online counseling helps coach people through addiction and offers various subscription plans like online workshops and weekly video sessions. If you have an addiction and do not want to visit a treatment center physically, online counseling is a very suitable option for such individuals..